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Credit Card FAQ

Want a Card?

Cardholder Service: (570) 628-2400

Lost or Stolen Card: (800) 449-7728

Q: What cards do you offer?
A: We offer a Carbon (Rewards), Cobalt (Low Rate and Secured), and a Business.

Q: What are your fees and interest rate ranges?
A: See our "MasterCard Credit Card Application Disclosure" which includes all of our fees we charge.

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Q: Why is our card better?
A: We offer lower Annual Percentage Rates, less fees, and competitive credit limits compared to the leading credit card companies. CACL's annual percentage rates will not exceed 18%, where leading credit card companies regularly exceed 18% annual percentage rate.

Q: What features does your rewards card (Carbon) have?
A: Our Carbon card offers the following: All Carbon cards have 1% cash back and points on every transaction. Points can be used towards merchandise and airline tickets. Cash back and points are redeemable through the CURewards store found on the credit card website. Q: How soon will I be approved?

Q: How soon will I be approved?
A: On average, a decision will be made within 1-2 business days after completing the application.

Q: How do I activate my card?
A: Activate your card by calling 570-628-2400 Option 5 during our business hours. If you're activating your card after our business hours, call 800-631-3197.

Q: How do I make payments?
A: You can make payments at our branch and through online banking. You can also login to the credit card website (Access through online banking and set up payments to automatically debit from your CACL Account – you will need our routing number (231385235) and your account number.

Q: Where can I view my balance?
A: You will have the opportunity to login to the credit card website via online banking which details your transactions, payment dates, payment amounts, how to dispute transactions, and reward details (if applicable).

Q: How do I sign up for e-statements?
A: You must sign up for e-statements through the credit card website accessible through online banking. Simply click on the "Go Paperless."

Q: Do you offer member alerts?
A: Yes, on the credit card website accessible through your online banking, click on the Communications tab and the Manage Alerts option, make sure you have your pop-up blocker turned off. You can sign up for text or email alerts of purchases over a certain dollar amount, when your payment is due (a few days before), and international or on-line purchases, among others.

Q: I believe I have fraudulent transactions on my account, what do I do?
A: You can either call 800-449-7728, report the card as lost/stolen through the credit card website and then list the transactions which are stolen, or write to PO Box 31281, Tampa, FL 33631-3281

Q: I would like to take cash out at an ATM, how do I get my PIN?
A: Call 888-886-0083 to set up your PIN via an electronic voice messaging system. It will prompt you for your card number, last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, Zip Code, and date of birth in MM/YY format.

Q: What are the limits for ATM Withdrawals?
A: The Single ATM Withdrawal limit and Daily ATM Withdrawal limit are both $510.00 (Secured is $310.00).

Q: How much of my credit limit can I transfer over in a Balance Consolidation?
A: You can transfer 100% of your credit limit for balance consolidation, not to be greater than $10,000 or less than $10. Balance consolidation is free on every card.

Q: I am going out of the country for an extended period of time, will my card still work?
A: Yes, however you will be charged MasterCard's International Transaction Fee, which is equal or less than 1% of each transaction. Please call (570) 628-2400 with the dates of travel.

Q: I received a call from 888-918-7313 claiming they were from the Fraud Detection Work Center (FDWC) Call Center (Falcon), is this real?
A: Yes, Falcon is our way of monitoring your account for potentially fraudulent transactions, and working with members who have had fraudulent transactions.

Q: Do you provide any fraud monitoring services for my other personal information?
A: Yes, we offer FREE monitoring through MasterCard ID Theft Protection which can help detect and resolve identity theft. This service monitors personal information like credit and debit cards, Social Security Number, driver's license, passport, and other sensitive data. Sign up for this service at